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11 September 2010 @ 9pm
Dean/Castiel Fanfic Recs: AUs

For @parrotworm ♥

P.s. everyone should check out Amy’s rec list because I didn’t rec anything that was on there since Ayana has seen that list, but her list has some of my favorites. 

Close Encounters by scaramouche (R, ~8,000 words)
It’s the same old story: boy meets space alien, boy sleeps with space alien, boy’s brother is mortified  

I Want You All to Myself by melfice (R, ~9,000 words)
School AU. Dean Winchester is seventeen years old, two weeks from graduation, dating an amazing girl, looking at colleges, and is probably in love with his best, male friend. Oh yeah, life is freaking fantastic

Meant to be Known by evening_bat (R, no word count given)
Castiel is a spirit/monster/god living on a mountain. Dean nails the daughter/sister/wife of someone influential in a nearby town who makes out like Dean has offended Castiel by his actions and must be sacrificed for atonement. Castiel doesn’t actually care about the townspeople that much but he likes Dean and keeps him as his bride

Pages by nightswhisper (PG-13; ~10,000 words)
Chuck, a writer for one of the leading gay lit magazines in the country, is fed up with his roommate Castiel’s crush on their overworked neighbor. So he deals with it the best way he can. He writes their story as he watches it unfold. With a little help from himself and others, of course
(Note: the author didn’t link the following parts, but if you click the author tag on the entry, it’s easy to find them)

Boys Helping Boys by bumblee (NC-17; ~21,000 words)
Castiel is a gay host of a makeover show titled “Boys Helping Boys”, and Dean is the unkept straight guy getting made over for his brother Sam’s wedding
(Note: There are some characterization issues in this one that would normally be a deal breaker, but I couldn’t stop reading regardless)

Better to Break than to Bend by sansday (NC-17; ~7,000 words)
Dean’s in love with his father’s chauffeur. It’s really important that he not be.
(Note: Not the fluff you’re looking for, but I’m a little obsessed with this AU at the moment)

Also, I’d recommend checking out Dean/Castiel’s AU Rec Post HERE. There are a couple fics on there that, tbh, I’m not a fan of but a) you might be and b) there’re some other great ones as well. 

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