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13 June 2011 @ 3pm
Drumroll, please


The votes are in! The novel we will be reading and discussing for the first-ever One Book, One Tumblr is…

Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close by Jonathan Safran Foer.

It won by a landslide, garnering almost half of the total votes. Here are the next steps:

  1. Pick up a copy of the novel. It should be available at your local bookstore or online (Powell’s has new copies for 30 percent off). And for those with an aversion to paper, it’s also available as an e-book. 
  2. Read, read, read — even if you’ve already read it.
  3. Post your ruminations, questions, and critiques, and tag them with #onebookonetumblr.
  4. Heart, reblog, and follow the discussion here.

Before the end of today, I will message five readers, at random, who reblogged the previous post so they can get a free copy of the novel.

And if I’m not forgetting anything else, let the reading begin.

This is one of my favourite books and I would highly recommend it to anyone who hasn’t read it before. Also I think #onebookonetumblr is a great idea.

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11 June 2011 @ 11pm

I’ve looked into the eye of this island, and what I saw was beautiful.

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11 June 2011 @ 11pm

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11 June 2011 @ 9am

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11 June 2011 @ 9am
11 June 2011 @ 12am


The future haunts with memories
That I could never have
And hope is just a stranger
Wondering how it got so bad

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11 June 2011 @ 12am

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10 June 2011 @ 10pm


It isn’t very often that I’m particularly moved by the images I post and reblog - I like all of them of course, and they’re a collection of things I find intriguing/aesthetically pleasing that I want to remember - but this sign… It’s so simple and powerful, and it’s something that so many people need to hear. I have a few qualms with the Slutwalk “revolution” that’s been happening (mainly, good intentions without a proper understanding), but this photograph really made me choke up quite a bit. 

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10 June 2011 @ 8pm
10 June 2011 @ 8pm

Interviewer: In British GQ you spoke about recreational drug use … what sort of message are you sending out to your fans? 

Megan: I wouldn’t call it ‘recreational drug use;’ that makes it sound like I’m in clubs doing cocaine and things like that. I talked about the legalization of marijuana which I think, in the U.S., it should be. If alcohol is legal I don’t see why we still have a ban on marijuana is all. Are you asking me how it’s going to influence 12 year old girls? 

Interviewer: Yeah, that’s sort of-

Megan: Are they reading British GQ?

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